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Headllamps are the key product of Žatec plant. These integrated and highly functional products are produced, so that they fit perfectly to the car shape. They contain lenses of high quality and exact reflectors in a part of lamp together with signal lamps, or with lamps of other functions.

Innovation, research and development are a part of the Koito Group success. It helds many primacies in its field,, e.g..implementation of the first plastic lenses, the first commercial application of LED technology in automotive headlamps, integration of low beam and high beam LED inside one reflector, and many others. Requirements as for lamp parameters are different based on used technologies and modifications for each continent and its market.

Strategic expansion of the Koito Group in Europe is influenced by a strong demand of European customers, as for its products, including Gas Discharge Headlamps (GDHL), Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) and LED lamps.

Scheme of a selected lamp from our portfolio: