The company was established in 2001 and started its production in Žatec in September 2002. At present, it is one of the main employers in Ústí region. Koito Group occupies a fifth of the world automotive lighting market and it is a leader in the field. Koito Manufacturing Ltd. with headquarters in Japan has production plants and branch offices in Asia, in America and in Europe.

Koito Group produces lighting equipment for cars, ships, aircraft and for rail transport including electronical parts and bulbs. Koito is an innovative company with many primacies in its field,, e.g.. the first commercial application of LED technology in automotive headlamps, integration of low beam and high beam LED inside one reflector, implementation of plastic lenses in cars and many others. Our innovations lead to energy saving and to protection of environment. We´re a socially responsible comapany, which invests a part of its profit into support of its region.


Koito Czech, s.r.o.
Na Astře 3001, 438 01 Žatec

Tel. +420 415 930 111,
E-mail: zatec@koito-czech.cz